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The walkthrough below will cover strategies for enemies, the collection of heart containers, and the few optional side quests throughout the game. You start off the quest with the option of going to Nortinka, Goronu, or Crater Cove. Start of the journey by heading towards Goronu.

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Chapter 7 starts in the same location the chapter finishes - in front of the locked gate, on which there are two Stefano's paintings. After you regain control over your character, you receive a new objective - find and destroy Stefano's works of art.

There are two locations indicated on the map where you can find the aforementioned "masterpieces".

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Before you go there, you have to remember one thing - from this moment forth, the game becomes much more difficult. In this chapter, you can encounter Anima and Guardian - a boos you have already met during Chapter 5. Anima will appear while you explore one of the buildings more detailed information on that can be found in the chapter describing the collectibles from Chapter 7. She is also going to appear in consecutive chapters.

It is a flying monsters you cannot kill - she flies around a given territory usually the inside of a building looking for the main protagonist. Should she spot you and approach Sebastian, he instantly dies. When Anima is about to appear, the screen turns sky-blue - look for a good hiding place, as the monster is nearing you.

When it comes to Guardian the bosshe appears multiple times after you activate Residual Memories. The first encounter occurs right at the beginning of Chapter 7, after you reach the Residual Memory again, this is described in the chapter on collectibles in Chapter 7.

This fight does not differ much from the one in Chapter 5. It is worth to initiate these encounters, as you can obtain a lot of Green Gel. Annotation - in this chapter you can obtain an additional weapon - the Sawed-off Shotgun. You can find more information on how to do this in the chapter called "How to get the Sawed-off Shotgun? The first one of the two side mission, which you can start right at the beginning of this chapter. Go to the place indicated in the screenshot above in order to find a man by the name of Sykes, who is under attack.

Your objective is to get near him and eliminate all the opponents. Upon getting closer, prepare for fighting over a dozen monsters, which are jumping in through the fence. You can use the oil stain to eliminate some of the opponents - wait for them to get closer, and fire it up with one shot. The fire will devour all of the enemies who stepped into the stain. Upon eliminating the opponents, you will talk to Sykes, who later on invites you to his hideout. Collect the items dropped by the fallen enemies, go to the hideout, and talk to Sykes again in working for evil walkthrough to complete this mission and start the new one.

Sykes will ask you to go to the The Marrow in order to restart the server inside. Take your time to collect all the items in the hideout - pay attention to the large chest with Mobious logo on it. It is locked at the moment, however, after you complete this mission, all the Mobious crates will be opened.

Go to the hideout located in the northern part of working for evil walkthrough map and interact with the computer in order to return to The Marrow. You will see a new marker on the map. You have to go there. Go back the same way you took during Chapter 6 - do not worry, the Goo Monster is not there anymore.

You can get to the server with no problems. Restart the server and turn around to face the door, as two enemies are approaching. Kill them and open the Mobious crate inside the room similar chest to the one located in Sykes' hideout. Collect all the items and go back to the computer allowing you to leave The Marrow.

On your way, you are bound to encounter several enemies - 3 are waiting for you where the goo monster has been in Chapter 6, one is in the hallway, and there is one more in the hall with the forklift. Go towards the exit from The Marrow, and then head towards Sykes' hideout to complete this mission.

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As a reward, the character will open the aforementioned crates - inside the one located in the hideout you can find the Silenced Pistol. It deals less damage than the regular one or the Laser Sighted Pistolhowever, it allows you to silently eliminate the enemies - they are not able to discover you after you take a shot.

It is time to take care of the main mission in this chapter - finding and destroying Stefano's works of art. First of all, go to the place located to the west of Sykes' hideout - Sanctuary Hotel. Do not worry, as there are no enemies inside. Enter the building and collect all the items on the ground floor.

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The go upstairs and interact with the painting hanging at the end of the corridor, which will transport the main protagonist to a new location. Upon regaining control over the protagonist, you will see a statue above you. Destroy it.

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You cannot reach it now, as you have to obtain the key first. Turn around and run downwards, where you enter a series of corridors, traversed by the boss from Chapter 5 - Obscura. Here, you can find the key to the gate.

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The monster is now vulnerable to your attacks - you can kill it, however, it requires a lot of ammunition. If you decide not to waste it, you can sneak past the boss. In order to get to the key, turn left and enter the first room there is the bathtub in front of the camera lensenter another corridor and turn left. Continue forward and enter the room to the right - on the other side of it, by the wall with the blue wallpaper, you will find the key.

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Now, return to the gate and open it. Upon approaching the statue, the room will change. The objective is surrounded with electrical cables - you need to go around them in order to approach the statue. Go left, crouch in order to go under the cable, turn right, and the statue will be right in front of you. Approach it and interact with it in order to launch a cutscene and return to the Union world.

Now, go to the other location, Devil's Own Taproom. Go inside, take all the items, including the File [Barkeep's Journal] lying on the small table, and then go to the backroom, where you find a painting allowing you to go to an alternate world. Again, you have to find the key - turn around and run towards the end of the corridor, where the key is located.

On your way back, the corridor will change - now it is filled with enemies. They do not pose any ificant threat, however, especially if you have completed both side missions and acquired the Silenced Pistol.

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Use the key to open the game and get to the statue - this time going right. After destroying both statues the entrance to the theatre is going to open. Explore the remaining parts of the map and, if you want, collect all the items and go to the theatre, to finish this chapter. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. The Evil Within 2 Game Guide.

Working for evil

Game Guide. Chapter 7 - Lust for Art. Table of Contents. Guardian appears several times here. The location where the side mission begins. There are over a dozen enemies to kill there. One of the several locked so far crates. As soon as you restart the server, the enemies will break into the room.

On your way back, you will encounter several enemies. Entrance to Sanctuary Hotel.

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This time, the enemy is not immortal. The location of the key.

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You have to avoid electrical cables to reach the statue. Devil's Own Taproom Entrance. There are several enemies lurking around, however, they do not pose any ificant threat.

How to get the Flamethrower? How to obtain the Sawed-Off Shotgun? How to get the Warden Crossbow? How to get and fix the Sniper Rifle? How to get the Laser-Sighted Pistol? Secrets and collectibles. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this .