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Trials in tainted space dreams, Erotik trials in tainted space dreams looking up boy especially for fucked

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Dreams are special scenes that will only appear while the player is asleep, usually on their shipin Trials in Tainted Space.

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Many dreams have certain requirements to trigger them, when a particular dream becomes available due to the PC meeting all the necessary requirements for the scene, the scene will take priority over all other dreams before being added to a randomized pool. Most dreams are of a sexual nature and will trigger an orgasm while you are sleeping.

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Dreams that are not seasonal can occur multiple times naturally, and can be repeated by using the Sleep Fapnea. Synopsis: The player will dream of being visited by a group Angels claiming that they intend to purify your tainted soul. However, they intend to do so by cleaning and anointing you with jizz cumming from their massive horse-cocks. Synopsis: Disatisfied by your constant premarital sex with Annoher sister Syri and several other family members arrange for you to be kidnapped and taken to a temple on the Ausar homeworld of Ausaril.

There, Steele will be stripped of all weapons, equipment, and clothes save a raunchy tuxedo. They will then be held at several gunpoints and forced to marry Anno on the spot who is wearing a similarly slutty wedding dress. Upon saying your vows, you must ify your union by sharing a drink from a chalice. Upon drinking it a powerful aphrodisiac kicks in and puts you and Anno into rut and heat respectively. After your cock turns into a canid cock and Anno throws the bouquet, the two of you proceed to have rough sex doggystyle in front of Anno's family while they cheer you on.

Requirements : Must have a cock; Must be sleeping with Reaha. Synopsis: The player dreams that they are a farmer in a world where cows are completely replaced by cowgirls in terms of usage and status as normal cows.

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One day while milking their cows the player slips on a puddle of milk and spills a bucket of milk all over themselves, forcing them to take their overalls off. By the time they get to their most prized cow, Reahathey find themselves quite pent up between the other cows masturbating to your bare form and Reaha needing to sit and grind on your lap while you hug and fondle her to produce milk. The player eventually loses control and proceeds to have Reaha ride them in the cowgirl position.

After having sex the player prepares to go tend to their other cows before being pinned down by Reaha again, who wakes you up after surprising you by talking. Synopsis: The player will find that they trials in tainted space dreams sleep traveled all the way to the farthest regions of the jungles of Mhen'ga. Even after "waking up", the player will recognize a burning need in their loins to find the Venus Pitcher as no other sensation will bring them release. What follows is the player finding one and offering their body to their "goddess". The player will also find their bodies modified to better sustain the alraune.

Eventually, the player wakes up to find themselves furiously masturbating in a way that isn't normally possible such as Autofellatio or fingerless milking. Synopsis: The player will dream of being tly pleasured by Anno and Kaede 's tits, which, in this dream are much larger than they are in real life. Synopsis: The player finds that they have been Corrupted into a sexy scarlet succubus sex-slave to a powerful incubus-lord who heavily resembles Sera if she was a dude.

The demoness formerly known as Captain Steele will make it their life's goal to take her master's cock in her orifices at least thrice a day an bear many, many of his demonic and impish children. Synopsis: The player will dream of being a member of the alien race know as the Adremmalex leading a strange ritual involving other members of the species in hoods chanting in alien language while you fuck a virgin female goat-morph.

The ritual ends with the two of you being struck by a bolt of supernatural lighting causing the female beneath you to become a full fledged Adremmalex. Requirements: Must have successfully bred the Frostwyrm. Synopsis: The player will dream of being asleep naked on top of the Frostwyrm 's stomach. After waking up the Frostwyrm will demand that you pleasure her. As the scene progresses she will continuously ask for more, resulting in duplicates of yourself coming to her aid to pleasure and entertain her.

Each duplicate is connected to a hive mind and shares each other's pleasure at the same time, eventually having a simultaneous orgasm. Synopsis: The player will dream of waking up next to Belle fucking Saec on your bed.

Whilst watching, the PC will become horny and lust after Belle. Not long after, Belle finishes with Saec and turns to you. But just as she is about to penetrate you, you wake up feeling rather horny.

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Not long after, Belle finishes with Anno and turns to you. With Anno still asleep next to you. Requirements: The player must be Masculine, have a penis with at least 2 testicles, be at least level 7, been to New Texasunlocked the Codex entry for the Treatmentand have gone to sleep with the Blue Balls status.

Synopsis: Unlike most dreams this dream is divided into 5 different parts, with the player having a choice as to how far they wish to see the dreams play out. Each part is considered it's own separate dream and has a chance to increase Taint by 1. The dreams play out as follows:. A New Texan Treated Cowgirl who retained her mental faculties similar to Kimberand possesses psychic powers.

She seeks to use her powers to progressively brain wash young men of great wealth and trials in tainted space dreams, or men who are likely to gain great wealth and power into giving away all their money to fund her nefarious schemes. Because Captain Steele is the heir apparent to the powerful Mining and Technology company: Steele Techshe is personally focusing heavily in your own Himbofication so as to use you to take over Steele Tech. In the 5th and last dream, the player will have the choice of sending her their personal information.

If the player does send this information, she will basically gain complete control over the player, leading to a Bad End. Not sending this information will result in the player blocking her and focusing on purging all thoughts of her from their head.

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Rejecting her increases Willpower and disables revisiting any of her dreams without a Sleep Fapnea. Synopsis: The player will dream of being awaken by Kiro. Kiro informs the player that her sister Kally said that she needs Kiro to come immediately as though it were an emergency. Eventually, they find Kally in a sexy nightgown in her room. Kally quickly explains that she was not in any real danger, and she just wanted to surprise Kiro with sexy-times. What follows is Kally bouncing on Kiro's cock with the intent to get pregnant, while the player records it with their Codex while masturbating.

One-off Dreams that can be repeated using the Sleep Fapnea. Requirements: Pregnant with the Queen of the Deep 's brood.

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Synopsis: You find your self awakend by a Queen of the Deep. One-off Dreams that can't be repeated using the Sleep Fapnea. Requirements: Must be around Halloween and sleeping with Reaha.

Synopsis: Before the player goes to sleep, Reaha will ask the player for permission to sleep with them for she fears that the Chupacabroa demonic New Texan Bull of urban legend, is to descend upon her around this time of year. That night the player will dream of Reaha and you being attacked by the Chupacabro.

Requirements: Must be around Halloween read the Cabin e-mail and talked to and done the Ciaran 's Cabin talk between and Synopsis: Ciaran will send you an asking if you can go investigate suspicious activity at a supposedly haunted house. Upon arriving Ciaran will explain the history of the house, how it is said to be haunted by a cowgirl who the treatment wasn't nearly as effective on compared to her sisters and the modestly endowed woman sold her husband's, sister's, and her own soul to an incubus in exchange for becoming the most beautiful creature in the galaxy.

After investigating the house the player will sleep in the master bedroom. That night the player will encounter a cross between a New Texan cow and a succubus.

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The Succucow will then proceed to fuck the player who upon orgasm will begin to ejaculate their soul into her almost killing them. As the last of the player's life force is about to slip away they are woken up the next day by Ciaran who explains it was meant to be a prank who gives you credits for your troubles. Must have spoken to Ciaran. Synopsis: The player will dream of waking up late at night on Christmas Eve and meeting a large figure dressed in a red winter coat with a white furred trim.

After initially mistaking the being to be Santa Claus, the figure will correct the player trials in tainted space dreams introduce himself as Santa Claus's cousin Randy Claws Who suspiciously looks like Ciaran in the invite picture. What follow is one of 2 scenes based on whether or not the player admits to being naughty or nice. If the player states they were naughty it le to a scene where Randy makes the player suck his cock before he putts them over his knee and spanks and fingers the player until their butt is as red as his clothes.

If the player states that they were nice, it le to a scene in which Randy magically removes his and your clothes instantaneously, then he uses his mouth all over your body before gently fucking you with his cock in the missionary position. Regardless of the selected scene, the player wakes up the next morning on Christmas Day, the player receives an from Ciaran apologizing for not giving the player actual details about how to attend the Office Christmas Party the night before and hopes to remember next year.

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The also contains a picture of Ciaran dressed as Santa Claus. Synopsis: The player will wake up to find a female Ghost hovering over them. After getting over the initial shock, the ghost will silently ask for sex. If the player says Yes the ghost will possess the player and change their crotch to have a 12 foot long penis matching their race or starting race before sucking you off and riding you to orgasm. Synopsis: The player will wake up to find their room trashed.