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While adventuring in the universe of Trials in Tainted Spacethe player may run into a of minigames that may or may-not be essential to the completion of various quests.

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Most of these come in the form of puzzles, where solving the puzzle will result in victory, and therefore complete the minigame. These minigames should not be confused with "contests," which rely more heavily on Captain Steele 's stats rather than player interaction.

This minigame is a math puzzle in where the player is given a certain set of s. With these s, the player must choose the s that will total a given value.

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This minigame is an interactive puzzle which is played on a grid using the interface's button system. Each button represents a "light".

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When a light is clicked, that light will switch between On and Off as well as the lights directly above, below and to the immediate left and right of it. Toggle each light until clicking the last light in having the entire grid of lights turned Off. This minigame is an interactive puzzle which is played on a grid using the main screen as the display.

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On the grid, there are points that represent a source point open, green circle with blue dot and destination points open, green circle and the rest of the grid is filled with either non-interactive obstacles closed, red circle or variously-shaped circuit lines open, highlight-colored circle. Clicking on a circuit line will rotate it in a counter-clockwise direction. When a circuit line "connects" with the source point, "power" from the source will travel through that line.

Connecting another line with a powered line will have the power travel through that line as well. Rotating a line away from a powered line will "break the circuit", and therefore breaking the connection.

Having a source point connected to a destination point by powered lines will "complete a circuit". Clicking on the Reset button will revert the changes back to the default state of the puzzle.

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This minigame appears in The Silence as a "hacking" minigame for disarming a door and gaining access to an A. Black Jack, a. The game TiTS simulates the game by giving the player two cards from 6 normal 52 card decks.

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The player can ask for the dealer to Hit Them to receive another card or Stand. The dealer also receives to cards with one of them face down.

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Face cards are worth 10 points. Aces are worth 1 or 10 depending on convenience.

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PC goes bust if they exceed The player wants to collect cards so that their score is closest to 21 but doesn't exceed it or to trick the dealer into exceeding 21 and going bust. From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki.

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