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Tiny Thief - the new Rovio Stars game - presents a series of cartoon vignettes, which mix sneaky stealth gameplay, with tricky point-and-click puzzles.

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If you are at all a fan of point-and-click puzzle gamesstop what you're doing right now and go buy 5Ants's Tiny Thief for your iOS or Android device. Because not only is it one of the most beautifully animated and adorable games to come down the river in a long time, but more importantly, it's fun, clever, and imaginative to boot. As the title suggests, you are a plucky little thief who, along with your sassy ferret sidekick, must steal, trick, and slink your way through six different chapters of adventures.

Each chapter comes with its own story, revealed in comic book scenes between levels, and even level represents a puzzle with its own unique objectives to complete.

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Tap anywhere onscreen to move, and if you're close enough, certain objects will pop up with an icon above them you can tap to interact. It might be a barrel to hide in for when the guards come your way, or a rope to untie, or a pie to bake, or any of possibilities.

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Each stage after the training levels has three items to steal or find that grant you a star apiece It's impossible to be in a bad mood while playing Tiny Thief. It isn't just that the game is gorgeous, with expressive characters and detailed animations. A lot of games are gorgeous.

What makes Tiny Thief so special is that it knows you need more than just a pretty face to make a game great, and the level de is no slouch either. It's really impressive how much work and detail has gone into making each one look and feel unique, especially considering how elaborate they get later on. The downside is that while most stages will allow you to go back and forth all over them, performing certain actions in some of them will lock you out of getting items or doing things that needed to be done beforehand, forcing a restart, which is frustrating considering that the patience and stealth tiny thief walkthrough in a few of them can mean they go slowly.

But Tiny Thief's strength is in how much fun solving all of those puzzles can be, exploring and setting of chain reactions of events that slip you past guards or otherwise help people. I'd call it the perfect bunch of bite-sized enjoyment, except that implies it's easy to put down, and chances are once you start playing you're not going to want to stop until you finish.

Games like Tiny Thief prove mobile titles are capable of great things, and with its professional look and great level de, it deserves a spot of honour in your collection.

Windows : Get the full version. Mac OS X : Get the full version. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories.

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Please see individual app market s for purchasing info. Tap the circle on the wall again to swing back to the left platform. Climb down the ladder to return to ground level. The gardener will catch you if he sees you, and he will automatically see you if you're out in the open when he's facing you. Wait for the gardener to turn towards the right. Once he's facing away from you, quickly jump out of the barrel and climb up the left ladder.

Open the large window on the right, tap the HARP Star 1 to drop it onto the platform, then tap it again to collect it. Wait for the guard to turn away, then quickly climb down the ladder and jump into the left barrel. The guard will tap his spear three times before he turns, use that as a warning so you know when to hide. Now wait for him to walk towards your hiding place. When he reaches you and then turns back around to face the right again, quickly hop out of tiny thief walkthrough barrel and follow behind him.

Once you have the jar, hide inside the right barrel as fast as you can. This time, wait for the guard to walk to the left past you while you're inside the right barrel, then get out of the barrel and run to the exit. Walk to the table beside the snoozing guard be careful to tap the table and not the guard himself.

After a moment, the thief will take out a freshly baked PIE Star 1 from the oven.

Tap the FERRET Star 3 when it pokes its head down from the middle of the archway, directly above the red and white awning over the butcher's booth. Untie the bottom of the rope from the small ring on the ground to drop the sausage hanging in the butcher's booth. Quickly jump into the barrel on the left so that the butcher does not catch you when the dog picks up the sausage. Wait for the musician on the roof to go to his glass of milk.

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Next, tap the crab in the basket on the table to the left of the blue and white tent to drop it to the ground. Climb up the left ladder to the platform above, then walk to the middle of the giant orange fish statue. Tap the shaking clam on top of the stack of crates beside the right ladder, then tap the golden pearl to drop it onto the ground.

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Tap the FERRET Star 3 when it pokes its head out from the crate of oranges or the crate of pears it switches back and forth to the left of the produce stand. The produce vendor will now patrol back and forth between the green tent and the produce stand. You can safely hide from him while inside the hay cart. If you can't make it there in time, jump into the hay cart again, then wait for the vendor to face left and go to the exit.

Stand on top of the left mole hill. When the mole comes up out of the hole, it will lift you a few feet up. Tap the chicken to let her out of the pen, then quickly run behind the farmer and wait for him to notice the chicken. Wait for the farmer to put the chicken back in the pen and return to his post at the table before climbing out of the barrel. Lastly, the bird flies to the short branch near the bottom of the large tree.

Tap the bird for the fifth and final time to make it peck at the tree. Tap the chimney at the top of the candy store building to fire out a piece of candy. After the sheriff eats the first blue candy, tap the plate again to drop another piece on the ground. Go back across the rope, walk through the window, climb down the ivy, and then go down the ladder to reach the street level. Ring the pink bell hanging from the side of the large pipe on the candy store wall to call tiny thief walkthrough the candy deliveryman.

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Tap the pink above the door to the candy store until all three parts of the make the image of a pink piece of candy. Wait for the sheriff to walk by the ladder, then climb down and run through the open door to reach the prison at the floor below. Wait again for the sheriff to walk back to the safe. When he turns away from it and starts moving left, tap the door to go back up stairs.

Wait for the sheriff to turn left again before going upstairs, then quickly climb the ladder and jump onto the chandelier. After the sheriff is taken care of, the jester will enter the room and throw a ball at the target to knock it off the wall, revealing a hidden cache. Select the wall sconce between the door and the swords to place the TORCH and light the right side of the room. On her way there, she'll open the small metal safe in the wall to the left of the bookcase. When the sheriff leaves the room, quickly leave the closet and hide inside the bed tiny thief walkthrough the sheriff's wife comes in and falls asleep.

Tap the fork to drop it out the window and pick it up off the street. Take the PIE steaming in the bakery window, then quickly hide inside the crate at the far left side of the scene. Knock on the door to bring the boy out of the house.

He'll take the pie in the window and start eating it. Once you have the cake, hide back inside the crate until the baker leaves. Hide in the crate again before the baker returns. Ring the bell at the top of the tower and then quickly tap the guard on the ledge to drop him into the hay cart. Wait for the guard on top of the tax carriage to turn away from you, then leave the bush and take the HEAD from the scarecrow. Run back to hide in the bush before the guard turns back around. Quickly leave the scene by tapping the to the left of the bush, which will take you to the circus.

If the guard is about to tiny thief walkthrough around before you can make it to the indicated by tapping his spear three timeshide in the bush and wait for him to turn around again before leaving. Lift the cafe door to release the bear, then jump off the left side of the cage to go back to the ground. Select the bush to the left of the orangutan's tree, then tap the outfit icon to change into a disguise. Posted by: Trinn July 14, AM. As soon as he moves to the right of the ladder, quickly climb the ladder and run left.

Follow these guides to find out how to get all 3 stars

Take the JAR off the table, then hide in the barrel. He will lift one of the cups to reveal a small ball, then start quickly switching the cups around. Follow the cup that was holding the ball. After he stops moving them, tap the cup you believe holds the ball to make your selection. If you chose correctly, the blindfolded man will drop a red die onto the ground beside the barrel. Now wait for the bartended to walk left past the ladder, then quickly climb up and go through the door on the right to head upstairs.

Go to the red tub of liquid on the right the one with a flame label and fill the JAR with the hot sauce. Wait for the bartender to walk to the right table, then quickly go up the ladder and put the JAR of hot sauce on the left table, then tiny thief walkthrough back down to the cellar. Pull the rope hanging from the ceiling to call for the bartender.