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The Sims 4 has improved and expanded upon features installments started, but sex is still as PG as it ever has been.

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These mods are deed and intended for adult players only.

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Thankfully, a dedicated community of modders has risen from the alleyways of The Sims 4 to change the game up in exciting ways. These are the best of the best!

No mosaic / censor

Take out that tile mosaic blur from your naked Sims using this mod. It works for day to day use as well as when your Sims get naked for their business. You might want to check this mod out first and foremost before the rest on this list.

WickedWhims has created a whole slew of interactions that you can make your Sims do that really change the woohoo game in The Sims 4. While only a few animations are available, this unlocks all the interactions and you can supplement this mod with other animation mods. If WickedWhims becomes a bit much for your Simming experience, check out WonderfulWhims instead for a cleaner time.

This mod adds a glory hole device for your Sims to have some anonymous fun. There are two recommended animation mods to download along with it.

So ooOLaLa World has high quality animation mods that showcase a wide variety of positions and works in tandem with the mod. The first set available for download is free and can be downloaded here. They are progressively creating more positions and animations, though, and you can become a Patreon patron for them to download the other two sets, as well as keep up to date with new ones.

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And that includes straight couples, too. This mod is a simple UI change for The Sims 4. This mod will let you unlock a lot of animations, but also bondage devices.

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There are also some here. The Sims 3 had a mod that made every woohoo risky. This mod brings in that risk and excitement to The Sims 4.

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With this modnot only do you get a lot of other animations, but orgies and threesomes are included. You can also get them here. So much of the game was cut, for some reason, but modders have found them all out.

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This mod unlocks certain interactions that your Sims would do after they woohoo. These include pillow talk, whisper secret, tickle, kiss, and snuggle nuzzle. Perfect for some sweet roleplaying.

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The WickedWhims mod brings a strap on animation along with its many interactions. There is also all of these to choose from, made by another modder. This will no doubt be expanded or done even better elsewhere eventually, too. Get this mod if you want your Sims to be free birds, flowing through the wind, without a care for who they hurt. Be sure to get the No Jealousy mod, too, to make the process leading up to it a lot easier for yourself.

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This mod allows you to have a nude skin mod as clothing. So you can set it on your Sim as an outfit. Or even set it as the formal attire so your Sims can get real weird at a wedding. With this modcum will be applied to the Sims after they finish woohooing.

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This mod adds that new hit anime clothing: virgin killer sweaters. This mod will give your male Sims their anatomically correct parts. It works with teens through elders and is recommended for use with the sex animations which are sure to become abundant in the future.

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This is more like a skin, as seen in the photo. And here are some more animations for that, as well. There are also a ton of different nude skins for vaginas. Your Sims will be able to be anatomically correct after some quick downlo. Check out a large variety of them over here on this site. Someone made a mod that adds weed into The Sims 4, and allows for your Sims to buy and sell it. Those were some of the best Sims 4 woohoo mods out there right now, so go ahead and get your saucy Sims to meet each other under the covers after work for some new and improved fun fulfillment!

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