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Sweet anais walk through, I looking up sweet anais walk through that like crossdresser

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naughty females Kallie

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Age: 39
I love: Sensitive gentleman
Iris tone: I’ve got warm green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my gender: I'm girl
I understand: French
My body type: I'm plump
Favourite drink: Gin
Music: Rap
I like: Riding a bike
I have piercing: None
Body tattoos: Yes
Smoker: Yes

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Sweet anais walkthrough

Return to Shark's website. Sweet anais 2 You want to speak about the site or downright to participate in its realization? All the ideas and the notices are welcome ….

foxy biatch Lennon

Post a reply. Re: Sweet anais 2 by Squeeky » Sun, 10Mar28 May we all consider this a closed topic, no more asks?

lonely woman Elsa

Shark will reveal in due course. Is that a fair ask?

sexual miss Anastasia

I'll leave the thread open for Shark to decide on closure. Shark if that little button is supposed to be changing colour can you please remember that a fairly high percentage of the male population have some degree of colour blindness - I can't see any difference at all, but it's the only thing I can think of that may give the clues I'm getting great at putting on and removing stockings, but that's about it Any hints would be welcome. Re: Sweet anais 2 by Sexychild68 » Thu, 10May13 there is a bar to the bottom right of her Re: Sweet anais 2 by Bonhomie » Thu, 10May13 The pleasure bar seems to work ok until you have been through all the clothes removal sequences.

ebony girls Emilia

When she is naked and you can really only play with her pussy it doesn't seem to fill, and her orgasm comes as a complete surprise. Re: Sweet anais 2 by Squeeky » Thu, 10May13 Sexychild68 and Bonhomieyou seem to need to fill her meter before removing any garment. When you have her naked ou still need to play with her.

hot whore Elsie

There are a few tricks necessary before you take her to orgasm. The girl I just had allowed me to swap back and forth from pussy to anal until I allowed her relief.

Sweet anais help

Since you need to play with each girl differently and I don't know if by that Shark meant how you build your girl it would be difficult to provide a specific walkthrough. One could list body areas to try and some of those later tricks but that would spoil for everyone knowing Shark's games you should know what to expect, and none are hugely difficult.

lonely cunt Rhea

I sense Bonhomie has much of that sorted, except when she is naked the meter is full. You just have to play to get fulfill her and yourself.

lonely babe Leyla

I was expecting it to fill up again as she gets closer to orgasm. Re: Sweet anais 2 by kessie8yl » Fri, 10May14 Are we playing the same game?

black babe Karsyn

The pleasure bar increases 1 notch for per action and only 1, no matter how long u hold that action or repeat it To get it to move more you have to do a different action - so by the time it's near the top you're almost out of actions I never get to remove any more clothing and as soon as the bar reaches the top the guy cums I am using Firefox btw. U just have to click once on each item - Feel a bit let-down now. Re: Sweet anais 2 by Sexychild68 » Fri, 10May14 yea, each girl has her different hot spots,but once you unclothe her all of the hot spots are open Re: Sweet anais 2 by Squeeky » Fri, 10May14 Sexychild68 wrote : yea, each girl has her different hot spots,but once you unclothe her all of the hot spots are open The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

Re: Sweet anais 2 by Hey Chief!!! Don't get me wrong HA4 is super!

horny singles Paisleigh

But thanks for making this also a challange. Squeeky, I belive your observation is correct.

lonely milf Aleah

Re: Sweet anais 2 by ddame » Sat, 10May15 i cant get to the very top.