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Trinity and Abigail play strip Darts with Dan. Darts has long been a favourite strip game on StripGameCentral.

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As with many of the other games on the site, we try to keep the rules as simple as possible. In this game, each player gets one dart per round. Instead of reducing her total by the of points scored, each player simply has to throw the highest score to win the round.

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The loser of each round, the girl with the lowest score, must take off an item of her clothing. The loser is the first player to end up totally naked.

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In some games missing the board simply counts as zero but occasionally we have used missing the dartsboard to mean the instant loss of the round. This is usually considered a game of skill but some of the girls are so bad that it becomes much more a game of pure luck. Does anyone care how good the players are, so long as some loses all their clothes and ends up naked?

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In the example game on the right, Abigail centre and Trinity left play as a team against Dan. The majority of games on StripGameCentral do not feature male players, but we have tried it out occasionally. Please vote for us.

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Darts Trinity and Abigail play strip Darts with Dan.