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The internet is no stranger to harmful or disturbing content. But what is the so-called Rule 34 and could it be ha rmful to children and young people?

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Rule 34 is an internet concept meaning that if something exists in real life, or is made upthere will be a pornographic depiction of it. This includes cartoons, celebrities, and objects, and in some cases, these depictions go well beyond usual themes found in mainstream pornography.

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In many cases of R ule 34, internet users depict their favourite cartoon or animated characters in sexual fantasies. Like many online trends, phenomena, and themes, attempting to ascertain the source of an online practice will always be shrouded in uncertainty.

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According to Dictionary. Since then, Rule 34 has appeared in numerous online chatrooms, message boards, and forums as well as being a common hashtag attached to pornographic fan art.

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Pornographic depictions of cartoon characters can be extreme and include violent, sexualised, or compromising themes. These images would likely be distressing, particularly for younger children, who may see characters they admire or like. However, talking is really important and when you know or suspect the issue might be relevant to a young person in your care it is vital to sensitively address the issue.

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Rule When fan art becomes dangerous. What is Rule 34?

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Where did Rule 34 come from? What are the Risks to Children and Young People? PLAN Engage the child in a natural way, using non-judgmental language and encourage them to be honest and open.

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Asking them what they know about a topic or issue means you can gauge just how much detail is needed. You should always reassure children in your care by telling them they can always talk to you about issues, even if they worry them.

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