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Renpy call screen, I seek female that renpy call screen chatlines

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May 26, 1, Hello, I'm modding a game. A screen is called: it shows multiple elements and hides went clicked.

Mar 12, If you scrollback it will always calls back the screen. You can just easily see that is not possible I know a workaround since if you open console and do some cheats when you scroll back it will open the console again reverting your cheats. I guess it's got to do with it's assembly. There is a line of commands that is done.

What python does is going to a sequential code like any other program do. But when you revert it's assembly going backwards it will see that you opened the console.

Looks like this. Reactions: JohnDupont. Respected User. Jun 10, 5, 7, JohnDupont said:. I'm currently using a workaround with timer 0.

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The problem isn't how called screen works, but how screen actions works and how a button handle the actions. In short, you can force a screen action to be played, but it will not solve the problem here, because the Return screen action is in fact just a Python return statement. So, basically : It's the only effective works around for the way you want to do it. But as you probably discovered, it will flash the screen. The screen is hidden at the end of the interaction, and the result of the interaction is returned.

I still don't get how called screen works. TearStar said:.

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It's, relatively speaking, simple. If the game need to wait for an action coming from the player, then the screen must be called.

And if the game don't need to wait, then it must be shown. As for "interaction", it's way more complex since it's not even something constant. But basically, take it as the definition of the word itself.

So, is an interaction every thing that need the player to do something ; take in count that he need to click to show the next dialog line. Show is different in this case.

Show is just "show an image". If you don't set modal screen you can click through the screen.

So I assumed that the Call and Return function didn't work the same way for screens and labels. I also tried You must be registered to see the links. Displayable : Automatically called by Ren'py to render the displayable def render self, width, height, st, at : If it's in replay, end the interaction, that will force the return.

Else, return a 0 sized empty zone to not alter the screen. Reactions: Penfold Mole and JohnDupont. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

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