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Legend of Queen Queen opala is yet another game created by pretty much just one person and founded with the help of crowdfunding sites. It seems as if there are more and more indie games developed by groups of 3 or fewer people in the market and that's amazing. It's like going back to the day where computer geeks used to create those choose your own path games on their PC. Game development has come a long way since then and with the help of crowdfunding sites, these people get paid for their hard work. Tons of people want to develop a game without messing with coding and programming.

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Opala is the title character of The Legend of Queen Opala series.

Queen opala

She is the Queen of Egypt, the daughter of Farah, and sister of Osira. She is extremely beautiful and therefore both admired and lusted after by her people. Opala is kind-hearted and gentle. Though still displaying the determination and dignity of a true leader, Opala prefers negotiation and peace over aggression and warfare. This is in stark contrast to her sister Osira's desires of strength and power.

The legend of queen opala

Osira strongly disapproves of Opala's rule, making the sisters bitter enemies. Fortunately, Opala is under the constant protection of her panther guardian and lover! Queen Opala is met very early in the game, when Jake enters her room disguised as a royal guard.

Opala will thank Jake for uncovering the plot and will allow him to bring her gifts, either from the garden or the gift shop.

The legend of queen opala origin

Once enough gifts have been given Opala will go the the throne room, if the player follows her he will witness and may Opala having sex with her panther Sebastilion. Opala is found soon later in the palace baths, here she will compliment Jake and will regret that he was too late to her it is impossible to reach her any sooner.

She will take her leave claiming to have royal business and Jake will suggest to the player that going to the library would be helpful to him, Opala will be there along with Osira and the two will argue before Osira flees with Jake in pursuit. If the player returns to Egypt from Greece before reaching Osiras lair, Opala will be found in a chamber beneath the palace and can witness a scene with Opala. Opala is not seen again until the climax of the story when she and Farah are captured by Osira in queen opala tomb of the former Pharaoh.

Legend of queen opala

After Osira is defeated and Opala's throne restored, Opala will grant the hero a gift ranging from nothing to marrying Opala, or even choosing one of the royal family members as a sex slave. Later Jake will return to the palace under Orisa's orders to kidnap both Farah and Opala. Opala will be attending a ball in room at the east of the palace, and will refuse any offer by Jake to leave the room alone not even the offer of sexdespite the setback Jake will still be able to kidnap Farah. Jake will return to the palace a second time later in the story, this time showing his true colours.

Opala will be found in the throne room alongside her royal guards, after defeating the guards and Opala herself, Jake will bring her to the tomb of the former Pharaoh queen opala the queen opala of the story. Post Story In post story, Opala is found in her chambers and the player can have sex with her depending on the ending.

Although she no longer plays a part in the story,Opala can be recruited as a party member. She was then subsequently rescued by the Hero from Altum and Egyptian soldiers. After rescuing her, she will then tag along as a non-playable party character, showing up with the other party members in taverns.

As with most other female characters in LOQO 2, the Hero is allowed to make choices in conversations that will affect his relationship status with Opala. Relationship points with Opala can be gained or lost during both quest events and conversations inside of taverns.

Most of the changes are intuitive. If an upsetting choice is made, favor is lost.

Likewise, making nice choices will result in gaining favor. Each item below has a description of when the points can be affected, the relationship points to be gained or lost by the Hero's choice, and the specific choice that in the change. After completing the events in Crimson Forest, you are offered to stay in the guest quarters. During the High Lord Gathering you get queen opala see her pleading with the Lords of the towns to give aid to Namaria in the war against the An'terra. It seems they have been slowly losing the war over the last 2 years and fears that after Namaria is over run they will attack Egypt and eventually attack the Beldorian Empire.

With some convincing she is promised help by the Lords and leaves to go back to Brightstone.

Opala's guest count

When Brightstone is taken over by the Empire Mama Farah and Queen Opala were allowed to be escorted out to save face as they were guest of Mayor Willheed. During their escape the knights of two opposing factions started to kill each other.

Mama Farah held off the remaining knights as Queen Opala made her escape. Legend of Queen Opala Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Queen Opala Farah. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Queen Opala. Edit source History Talk 0. Legend of Queen Opala [ ] Queen Opala is met very early in the game, when Jake enters her room disguised as a royal guard.

What happens next depends on whether the player chooses the Good or Evil Path.

Relationship Points Relationship points with Opala can be gained or lost during both quest events and conversations inside of taverns. Decision 1 0: "So, you are a queen?

Exactly who are you? Tell me everything, now.

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Well, a little. Legend of Queen Opala Origin [ ] Overview After completing the events in Crimson Forest, you are offered to stay in the guest quarters.

Relationship Points. Queen Add category. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.