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Neko paradise, Hostess baby pick boy for neko paradise

Neko Paradise by Alorth is a free roam adult game with lots of cute Neko Girls. Features a unique animated character interface and lots of CG animations.

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Neko Paradise by Alorth is a free roam adult game with lots of cute Neko Girls.

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Neko Paradise is a free roaming adult game with a lot of different Neko Girls, featuring a unique animated character interface and lots neko paradise animations. The game has at least a Neko for every type of taste and you decide the which ones you want to romance or not. You used to go fishing with your father 'til one day you both got caught up in a storm. After being swept off of the boat and away from your father you woke up on a strange Island There you were found by a real beauty who you later married and had a daughter with. Now not remembering the past, because of the accident, you are trying to recall the events that led you there.

Neko paradise [v]

Log in with itch. This is easily one of my favourites so far. I think the older Ram girl was the most beautiful, and wish there was more of her, but Mint was my favourite. Hey Alorth, very nice game, can I ask you what program do you use and how many years you are working on adult games?

I am asking because this is very profesional adult game with good animations and I want to learn something from that. I hope you everything great guys. I use renpy and Daz, but a game looking professional has nothing to do with what you use. It depends mostly on the developers talent. When is the neko paradise version coming?

Also I'm on Android using my kindle fire and I'm having issues neko paradise it force closing especially on the sex scene with chocomint where the choices are either "I can't do this" or " hulk smash" and it's irritating because if you're lucky you can save during the sex scene let alone continue after if you're able to save during scene. Please fix this problem because I'm trying to get past this particular scene! Other than this I like the game. The reason that happens is probably because your phone is not able to handle the scene and it crashes due to insuficient memory.

That's a issue comparing image sequence to video files loading.

But see there's a problem with that theory because I have over 3GB of internal memory left not to mention a GB SD card on top of that. I can get that even if I factory reset my kindle fire and downloaded neko paradise game and on that scene it would force close still. But to test that I'm going to try on an old Android phone that barely has anything on it.

If it still has the issue then for sure it'll be an issue with the game. I really love all you've done so far! I can't stop checking for another update. When can we expect another update? I don't expect you to give me a day, just a range or something so I can stop checking so much.

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Alorth, this game is fucking perfect, serious It's a masterpiece, you pretend to make foot fetish stuff? When is the next version coming or when will it be completed because I'd really like to continue playing?! I do have some genuine gripes though I hope they are small and probably you already plan to implement them at one point or another the game is only version 0. First and foremost um wow.

Your game is awesome I love the characters and frankly I am not one for the furry type content excluding Neko which is of course what your game is about I had to play it. Neko paradise then I still prefer to be a human seducing cat girls but your game is too good for it to bug me much. And the reason WHY I am a furry is pretty damn good from a narrative perspective so it's all good. Hell you may have turned me into a hypocrite furry playing your game.

Neko paradise [v] [alorth]

Start to finish one sitting about 4 hours did absolutely everything I intended to play for an hour and then go to bed I did notice some bugs though some minor some not so much. And I personally feel like their is a feature missing in your game that is pretty damn important. There are instances where animations kind of cut over eachother it is honestly not that big a deal it happens very rarely and for all I know could be my graphics card but it was like a scene transition fade so it seemed more like an interface overlay type issue but just letting you know about it.

I love the way you set up the game outright telling players "a few things before you get started" and then you neko paradise them exactly how to play the game. That is awesome and is more often than not the very first correction I give to someone after playing their unfinished game. I will add a tutorial later I often hear or there are a ton of features that aren't implemented but are advertised in games I mean that is just a no brainer. But your game does NOT have that problem. You let the player know exactly what is and isn't available from the jump you give periodic updates and hints to the player basically there is absolutely nothing to criticize or correct you for there because you have that all set up exactly like any pro would!

Even with the tutorial the HUD itself thank you for having one though takes a little figuring neko paradise. I did figure it out but it took a minute or so to understand what the icons did.

Install instructions

I didn't know if they were places I went or selection options. It becomes clear pretty quickly but maybe the positioning of the locations is in the wrong spot? Or maybe it isn't since it is made in renpy and putting it lower would be under the text box.

Maybe make the buttons a little more detailed and obvious then? I genuinely couldnt tell right away whether they were places to go or game mode options until Neko paradise clicked them. The same with the arrow forward next to the map I realized it eventually but it wasn't obvious at a glance.

Maybe a prompt for the donations section? I was just clicking like a madman wondering why I had access to a place but nothing was there for days on end. Is there a way to randomize the fishing game? It is just a pattern right now from what I can tell. Love the story love the characters love the lewd animations you did a damn fine job there.

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And because it is a narrative based game I completely understand not voicing the characters themselves. Its either all or nothing in that regard. But I cant say the same for. You don't have to have voices but some kind of sex sound even if just like panting or orgasming. For foley sex sounds you don't need a lot of it and there are adult creative commons files.

But for the petting of the kitty cats I genuinely think you should have an adult VA performer who can do voices of different types of animals in a seductive way. The more of these games I play the more I am starting to think this next issue is just me nitpicking neko paradise it comes off as unintentionally misleading.

Your renpy menu which is the same as everyone elses for the most part. Has sliders for music sound effects and voice. But I never heard a single line of voiced dialogue in the entire game excluding that one song with vocals which I doubt is isolated and is part of the music track itself. Is there not a way to take a toggle out if you don't have one of the options? I keep seeing it in these visual novel renpy games where there are toggles for voice but no voice.

I think I counted about 6 sound fx in the entire gameplay as well. I also wonder if your game has plenty of voice and sfx and my pc just isn't playing it right for some reason. When I shut off the music does it mute everything or just the music? I can't tell because the game doesn't tell me. Overall I think you have a damn fine game in the making and I am sure you will polish more of it out as you go along but ya if you can pet Lily and she is all adorable like that I wanna hear her purr when I do. And I think anyone and everyone who plays your game will want it to. Which is why I think you already plan on doing so eventually and were just kind enough to allow people to play a neko paradise decent chuck of your game long before it was anywhere close to polished.

Which shows your confidence in your product as well as your trust in the community and feedback you receive. All of which get gold stars in my book. Love love love the story so many great twists and turns.

I can't wait for more. Most of these neko paradise no matter how much I like them so far I am bummed out when they end but don't plan on playing them until they are much further along in development. I don't think that is the case here. I have fallen in love with your Neko characters and their stories and I want to see everything right away and will keep playing it repeatedly. Hell of a badge of honor to say about a visual novel and not something I say lightly.

Enough so that I will eventually be a patreon so far I have played 9 games I think on the site you are only the 2nd one I am seriously considering supporting and some of those are good too but yours is really really damn good.

But it will be more sporadic one time donations here and there and it won't be right away as cash is hella tight right now. Thank you for giving your opinion, I can pretty much understand everything you're pointing out. Well sound effects was something I considered, even voice acting, but this project since the start was ambitious and already has lots of work into it.

So the biggest reason it has no sound effects is because I don't want to make updates take longer than they already are. Once the game is fully complete, the idea of adding sounds and other extras is more neko paradise. Why is your font size so damn big?

About this game

It's neko paradise twice the size of a typical visual novels text. I would just ask for a text size changer or something because it doesn't give off an "adult" vibe you know? If it is a stylistic choice that is different it comes off as more juvenile. Again unless you had to in which case I sure as hell don't want to sound like a dick. So ya a text adjustment or a text size option in the menu would do wonders.

Edit: A lot of people when proven wrong just delete their post erasing evidence of their assumption or idiocy or someone calling them out.