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First Prev 54 of 86 Go to. Jun 10, I think mine version is 0. Is there a specific time for me to talk to that woman? Apr 21, 26 There's a bug in the Android version because it doesn't support a feature of RenPy that the game uses. Use this save game to move past the bar. Deleted member Guest Guest.

How many scenes are there with the redhead? I have experienced 2 in Anabelles room.

Also is there any library, swimming pool and night club scene and how do i get it? Ballistic Swami said:.

Theodosius Member Game Developer. May 3, Anyone know why the mac version of 0. Renpy on MacOs. HypnoFan Newbie. Jul 26, 54 Can someone provide me with a save for 8. That and the "Anabel must makes new friends" task are the only two I have, but they seem to be absolutely impossible for me to complete for some reason. I've reached a below 60 Study level several times now, and it never does anything. Tbh, I'm at the point where I almost don't even want to play the game anymore Even though it's something I'd definitely enjoysince the whole process has been kind of infuriating It doesn't help that this seems to be one of the most painful games to speedrun And I've played through it like five times, reaching the same result every time.

HypnoFan said:. Reactions: HypnoFan To get Study below 60, did Anabel see the blow jobs in the Park and Cinema? Did Anabel masturbate in the cinema or back at Home?

My little angel game walkthrough download for pc

She should do it at home, not the cinema. I've attached a save file from morning after the Cease to be a nerd task is completed.

Well, I'm pretty much immediately stuck again, lol. I completed the public sex task Although I couldn't do the school part of it, since it just showed it as done after doing the cinema or park partsbut I can't figure out how to do the threesomes at all. I've done the "Should I try something new? There, I've tried both options, but neither appear to do anything. The scene ends, and there still seem to be no opportunities for threesomes afterwards.

Speaking to the two men again only allows me to repeat this process by selecting "Should I try something new? I really wish there was a walkthrough available, so that I didn't have to constantly wonder whether the game was bugging out since the game has a pretty decent amount of bugs or just being really unclear about what I'm supposed to do next.

You've done it all correctly.

After you've watched porn at home, go back to the Map and let time advance to There will be an event at Anabel's Home. Click the! The sex in school is easy to miss. When you talk to the guys in the hall by the window, they don't do anything right away. However, if you visit the school during the next break between classes, you'll find Anabel in the bathroom with one of them. There is a walkthrough available for You must be registered to see the links. Ah, okay That's oddly and annoyingly specific.

Mla walkthrough text and pics

Thanks though. I tried to do as you said for the public school sex, but I couldn't get it to work for some reason. It's not necessary, since the game auto-completes that task for me every time anyways as soon as I do either of the other public tasks firstbut I'd still kind of like to see the scene, if possible. Also, I would've thought that someone would have ed the walkthrough here by now if one exists. I guess most people just don't care about having the walkthrough?

It would be really useful for this game though.

My little angel game walkthrough download full version

HellStaff New Member. Jan 9, 3 0.

Hi guys. Does anyone have a save from the very beginning of the quest with the redhead?

My little angel f game walkthrough download for pc & android

I will be very grateful. HellStaff said:. What platform are you playing on? What version again? The devs don't have too many patrons yet, so maybe the walkthrough just hasn't had a wide enough distribution for it to leak.

I think the attached save is ready for sex in school. Visit with the boys by the window afterthen visit the school again bathroom after I said I wasn't able to get the school part of the public sex task to work I don't even know what it is, but I'm assuming it's another scene with the boyfriend, since both the other parts of this task aresince it would just auto-complete whenever I did the theater or park parts.

I guess I'm still glad you told me about the school part of the "Sex with a stranger" task, since that does sound like something I might miss. Sorry, I did misunderstand.

Try this save. Talk to Jake between classes.

May 5, 1, Reactions: met4lsp4wn. Alex Prior Newbie. May 2, 22 8. I'm stuck at having threesome quest can anyone help me?

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