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Princess Celestia sends Twilight a box with some of the items she had left from her quarters after she had moved to Ponyville. While many of them bring back good memories, Twilight realizes one of the items is a book she borrowed from the Canterlot library and never returned. She immediately starts to panic, as she had long been the library's best book-borrower, and knows this will ruin her reputation.

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Twilight realizes she never returned a book to the Canterlot Library, and besides incurring the disgrace of a super-overdue book and huge fees, she may have caused her favorite librarian to lose her job. Twilight Sparkle receives a package from Princess Celestia containing various items that were left in Celestia's library when Twilight moved to Ponyville. Among other things, Spike finds a library book that Twilight checked out before leaving but never returned, and she begins to panic over the overdue library book. Twilight rushes to Canterlot with Spike to return the book, recalling how both she and her favorite librarian, Dusty s, had a perfect book return record up until that point. Once at the library, Twilight sneaks in and asks to speak to Dusty s, but the librarian pony says that she does not recall who that is, but that Twilight needs to see First Folio in the basement to pay for her overdue book, and Twilight begins to panic over the large late fee she will have to pay. When Twilight and Spike arrive to Folio's office, they see she is out to lunch.

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In this episode, Twilight Sparkle realizes she never returned a book to the Canterlot Library and may have caused her favorite librarian Dusty s to lose her job. The episode begins with mail delivery pony Derpy delivering a large package to the School of Friendship for Twilight Sparkle.

The conversation

Princess Celestia explains via magic scroll that she found some of Twilight's old belongings during a cleaning of Canterlot Castle. Among the collected knickknacks from Twilight's childhood, Spike discovers an old library book that Twilight never returned to the Canterlot Library. Unwilling to tarnish her perfect book-borrowing record or disappoint her favorite librarian Dusty sTwilight he for Canterlot to return the book.

Outside Canterlot Library, Twilight hides her face from the shame of setting a bad example for other library book-borrowers, but Spike tells her that everyone makes mistakes, including princesses. Inside, they meet with the new head librarian, who does not know who Dusty s is, and Twilight tries to return her old library book, suddenly realizing how much she might be fined for late fees.

The librarian tells Twilight to see First Folio in the library's Office of Overdue Returns in the basement, but when Twilight and Spike go there, they discover that First Folio is out to lunch somewhere on Restaurant Row. Spike suggests trying again at a later time, but Twilight refuses to put off returning the book any longer, and she proposes going to find First Folio at the restaurant where she is having lunch. Moon Dancer and First Folio explain that Dusty s left the Canterlot Library long ago, allegedly having been forced to leave because someone checked out a book and never returned it, ruining Dusty's perfect librarian record.

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Twilight is horrified at the thought that her overdue book led to Dusty s being fired from her job. Twilight he to Dusty s' home, believing if she gives Dusty the overdue library book to return to the library herself, she can get her job back. However, Dusty has moved away, and someone else is living in her old house. The stallion living there tells Twilight and Spike that Dusty is now living somewhere that has the word "Silver" in its name, and he gives them a large bag of Dusty's unforwarded mail. Twilight and Spike travel to various "Silver" locations around Equestria in search of Dusty s, such as Silver Shoalsbut they are unable to find her.

Their search eventually le them to the Silver Stable Retirement Community, and the front desk receptionist tells them Dusty is living in one of the ground floor apartments. All the while, Twilight is convinced that Dusty is miserable over the loss of her job.

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When Twilight and Spike knock on Dusty's front door and realize she is not home, they ask around the community about her whereabouts. Some elderly ponies at the pier tell them Dusty has a busy day of activities, including woodworking, windsurfing, theater, and band practice. Twilight and Spike search for Dusty at these areas around the retirement community, but they always just miss her, arriving moments after she has left.

When Twilight and Spike finally catch up with Dusty s, she is playing lead guitar in a band of elderly ponies. Spike thinks Dusty looks perfectly happy, but Twilight believes she is merely masking the pain of losing her job. As Twilight interrupts band practice, she and Dusty have a happy reunion.

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Dusty is surprised to learn that Twilight was the one who broke her perfect librarian record, and when Twilight offers to help set things right and get Dusty's job back, Dusty refuses and bitterly storms off. Twilight falls into despair—not only because of her guilt of getting Dusty fired, but also because of her own tarnished book-borrowing record and the late fees she is still racking up. With Spike's encouragement, she vows to find out why Dusty refuses to return to the library.

The point of no return

Twilight and Spike follow Dusty to the grounds of a fruit-tossing food fight tournament, and Dusty declares a timeout so they can talk. Twilight expresses her immense guilt over causing Dusty to lose her job and asks how she can make up for it, but Dusty reveals that she was never fired. She explains that after years of trying to maintain her perfect record, having it broken made her realize perfection is not everything, and she left her job voluntarily in order to live life the way she truly wanted.

This point is further emphasized by the title of Twilight's overdue book: Perfection: The Impossible Pursuit.

Back at the Canterlot Library, First Folio adds up Twilight's late fees for the overdue book, which come out to only twenty-eight bits. Twilight eagerly pays the amount, and since the book has long been replaced by a newer edition, she decides to keep it as a constant reminder that perfection is not everything. Article workshop Placeholder name polls Core wiki activity Project forums Wiki discussion Chat discussion Speculation. Wiki policies and guidelines How to contribute Tips and tricks Contact an administrator. Collaborate Help Back.

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The Point of No Return. History Talk 0.

The point of no return

Not if you count BGE as an episode! Retrieved on March 8. Season 9 episodes. Universal Conquest Wiki. See also. Episode guide. Sparkle's Seven. Season one.

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The point of no return

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