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Melissa Rauchbest known as Bernadette Rostenkowski, the charismatic but convincing waitress turned scientist on the long-running CBS hit series, The Big Bang Theoryis embracing a whole new persona as a has-been champion, Hope Ann Greggory, in the new comedy, The Bronze. Written by Rauch and her husband, Winston, the film tells the story of a gymnast who basked in hometown glory after reaching the medal stand, only to find her star fading into obscurity. Seemingly inspired by their past floor routines, the two rivals end up back in a hotel room, vaulting, cartwheeling and hanging from rings as they engage in the most insane and athletic sex scene ever.

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By Ashley Lee. I was so excited.

I was just out of work and worried about where my next job was coming from, and that moment held up a mirror to what I was feeling. We thought, what if anyone who had experienced any sort of fame or celebrity really hung their hat on it?

For Hope, you look at these gymnasts who have gone on to lead well-adjusted lives and do incredible things since they peaked as a teenager. But this girl has been told to act a certain way, eat a certain way, speak a certain way while she was training and was a viable option for endorsements.

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It was so much fun! She has zero filter.

We wanted this world to be real. We got phenomenal Cirque du Soleil performers to be our body doubles — although, Sebastian Stan does as much of it as he can. Sex sells!

Besides a few moves for the bedroom? I think we can all relate, at some point, to feeling stuck.

But tomorrow is always a new day, and the best can be yet to come. That song over the credits — is that you rapping?

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It is! I co-wrote that with my husband and the group Pretty Taking All Fades.

Hope rapping was an afterthought — we added it at the very last minute before Sundance. March 17, am.

Exclusive: how melissa rauch and sebastian stan filmed their wil…

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