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The Krystal Lovers Association forum and site have officially announced they are permanently shuttering, for good this timeon March 16, Yes, they did announce doing it before years ago, but apparently they only delayed what has been deemed inevitable. It does not help that Krystal's character has not made a ificant appearance in a Star Fox title since 's Star Fox Command. Looks like the end of an era for yet another piece of fandom community among Star Fox enthusiasts online. What do you guys think of this situation? To me the franchise was dying a slow death ever since Adventures.

I don't think it was because of Krystal, Shigeru Miyamoto has a tree named incompetence up his ass. The Fandom is Lets be honest Starfox needed a big sucess out of Zero which Nintendo seemed not to want to give it by jamming it onto an already older console WII U istead of waiting to make a Switch game That's why bits of the fandom are slowly closing down No one seems to think it's worth while I do.

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It's easy! Already have an ? in here. For Real This Time!


By Hope N ForeverMarch 13, in General Starfox krystal lovers association fandom bad news krystal fan site star fox forums. Recommended Posts. Hope N Forever Report post. Posted March 13, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Snys93 Posted March 17, SauceGuyHimself 0. Posted March 23, I think it's fine her role was interesting at first but ehh i dont see why not. RentheRat 0. Posted April 29, Register a new .

in Already have an ? In Now. Go To Topic Listing. Similar Content. Krystal Becomes Infatuated with Cheese. Krystal Becomes Infatuated with Cheese So we all know the story, it had something to do with cheese, and how with cheese Fox was easy to please. But there's more to it than that as this new tale shall prove, for this is when Krystal caught on to the groove. It started out a day like any other, but Krystal had moved on!

Fox was away from her life, yes indeed gone. Mocked for having been part of Star Wolf briefly, she took up residence on the delightful Planet Kew. But her true feelings were just like her fur So she ed a coven of fox girls just like her, hoping that for her sadness this would be the cure.

But it wasn't you see, Fox wasn't gone, deep down in Krystal's heart Fox still lingered on. I'm not the least bit lonely, I feel quite free! She has some Chedder and Feta right now, I have the most distinct impression" said Fara. Why is everyone staring at me and Katt?

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Might be a nice perk! My only true boyfriend is Monteray Jack" Krystal sighed. She had never been a fan of cheese. But see, Fox was, and his soul was something Krystal just had to appease. Someone I cared for, kissed, and hugged" said Krystal, embarresed. She ran away.

I wasn't about to convince them it was my baby, I need Fox Mccloud back, he's the mashed potato to my gravy" said Krystal. Feeling sad, with dejected eyes, she flew herself into a black hole. Krystal sounded like she came from there, we'll never know why. Perhaps it's past life stuff, but for now, gotta fly! Her arwing crashed and she jumped out with a parachute. She brushed dust off her legs and frantically searched the wreckage for cheese. She pulled out some cheese and got down on her knees. My one reminder of whom I love, Fox if you're still out there, please show me a dove" said Krystal.

A dove flew down and stole her cheese. Krystal ran towards a policewoman. A dove flew off into the sky with my cheese, he did not even ask first, nor did he say please!

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I've never seen a fox person, if you get my drift. But cheese? Yes, it's delicious when spread over fresh mana. Krystal, has anyone told you that you sound just like Princess Diana? Krystal broke down in tears and yelled out to the Krazoa to take her away to Fox. So they gave her a test. A taste test of cheeses, conducted by them. The Krazoas loved cheese. With cheese they were easy to appease. So they brought her to where Fox was Oh, Krystal, that's right. It's called a rivalry okay?

Let me get back to my rivalries! Now Fox, look at me!

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We were a team, like Mcnee and Dianna Rigg. Would you forgive me if I handed you a fig? My nose is stuck to this table like glue!

Fox looked at the cheese. Krystal's dress came undone, leaving her in a bikini. All the onlookers looked, Krystal, she was damn pretty! Fox won't you please come back? Repair to our Arwings, with that food made from a cow" said Krystal. Krystal started to cry.

Brushing away a tear, Krystal listened. You're the greatest gift ever, this I now know, let's rise from the pits where we sunk so low" said Fox. Fox looked into Krystal's eyes, so sweet and sublime. He saw the cheese in her hands, and realized she was one hundred percent divine. He hugged Krystal, and they both shared a kiss. The crowd was confused, but to Fox and Krystal, this was bliss.

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