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Intercrural intercourse was a common outlet for pederasty in ancient Greecebecause anal sex was considered demeaning to the receiving partner.

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in. The word intercrural is partially derived from Latin, where inter means between, and crura means legs.

It is devoid of any kind of vaginal or anal penetration, and is thus considered as a safe sex practice. It is also a common practice amongst gay men.

What’s that: intercrural sex

Intercrural sex is sometimes the main feature of sex education in adolescents, and is suggested as an alternative to vaginal penetration, so as to avoid pregnancy. Shere Hite, a popular sex educator, found in her research on female sexuality several women who could achieve an orgasm through intercrural sex, when combined with digital clitoral stimulation.

Historical speak. According to his biographer, Oscar Wilde was introduced to this form of sex by Robert Baldwin Ross, and he notes it as his favourite, even above oral sex.

Shaka Zulu, a great conqueror and king from Southeast Africa, is believed to have advertised intercrural sex amongst his troop members, to promote intimacy and loyalty. On top of all this, even personalities like Alexander the Great and Abraham Lincoln have been speculated to, at some point, have taken great joy in the interfemoral form of intimacy.

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