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Katie's hotwife adventures: the complete anthology

New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews I really enjoy this game. It has very very high quailty videos and images, and generally the story is really enjoyable, at least to me. There are defintely things that need fixing the stats thing is weird, some content seems impossible to reach, like the pornstar storyline, and the stuff that can be gotten to isn't always obvious how to make it happen.

However, the game is still really fun once you get a handle on how to play. I havnt seen an update for this in so long, feels like its been around forever but hasnt really gone anywhere, they were probably working on a really big update so this should be good. The last update was months ago Am i just blowing this out of proportion? Don't want to continue DrDerpington in review describe almost all I want to say, I just added a little bit. The idea that people would rate this project highly, support it financially, or even just waste their time on it causes me to laugh hysterically.

It's short, it's buggy, it's a chore to play through for 2 years hot wife adventures couldn't even check the stats of the wife that you're controlling to choose your path And at the end of the day, it's just a random compilation of porn gifs from the web. It's also only being worked on about 20 minutes per week, if that.

Pros: Very solid start. The character development is well done so far! The Kink options are starting to be added and I hope they keep expanding. Its not TOO grindy. Hot pics and gifs that fit the theme.

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Cons: Not much content really for how long its been out. Lots of bugs and dead ends.

Hotwife adventures: the thrill of discovery

Need way more options for each location and for each location to actually play out. Need a corruption reset mechanism that doesn't include me using a sugarcube hack. It focuses on writing content which is good! There's no 3d modeling and no hand drawn art.

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The interface is basically done so Right now I can only give average score of 3 stars. I played the game a few times, got into the groove of things only to run into a incomplete path, no way to end the game.

I like what I see, the idea behind the story is good.

Stay in the know

The Mall masseuse as well. Seems like there is supposed to be more there as well. Hope to see this grow and will retry when there is more complete content.

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TL;DR this game had big potential, but from version 0. I really liked versions 0. Husband could use App to slowly corrupt wife and by making certain decisions in conversation with wife or other characters he could change the way his wife would develop. It was decent and gradual development of corruption. Erotic events had even some degree of variety so you didnt see same event over and over again. You could also avoid bad events NTR if you didnt like it. Unfortunately author of game has decided to change things in version 0.

Author made huge overhaul. Wife's stats in first 2 weeks will determine your route and it will lock you on that route. After you are locked you have to follow the development and you cant change much.

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Feeling of freedom and gradual corruption is gone. Especially annoying is repetition.

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Example: Lets say that version of game had 4 blowjob events with wife. During your playthrough those events switched gradually and you were not bored.

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Unfortunately new version of game has split those 4 events into 4 different routes. One route means one event.

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To see all 4 variants of BJ event you have to replay game 4 times!!! Its no longer fun. Its only frustrating. Let me remind you that this game is still early in development. It doesnt have much content. Now that content is split into 4 different routes and one specific route will show you minimal amount of sex content.

And to see that content you have push through a lot of repetition. This is a good game for those looking for ntr content.

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It has been avoidable so far and damn the power trip of controlling the wife is splendid. Hopefully this will get a bunch of good ends hopefully some non-ntr as well as well. The game kinda still feels like it is in the early stages, but the idea is solid. Hopefully the dev does not give up and this will be a solid game. Yeah, that game have some trouble, some bugs and broken links, but anyway I am still love it. And want to say Thanks for Crayman. Great story line, nice content. I am grateful for creator of this source of pleasant pastime. And I want to wish him to realize it in the form in which he sees it and share it with us.

Nice work Crayman, keep it up.

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Quite plausible plot and characters. You feel a conflict between your wife and yourself, and so on. Dialogues with her btw is an interesting idea. Lots of content, though expect more with new updates! Well matched sex scenes, they are quite hot also the dialogue in them. Sometimes you can get confused and not understand what you need to do to develop the plot.

Maybe I'm just stupid. Some scenes seem to be impossible to open due to a bug, which is sad because those particular scenes should be very hot. Waiting for the updates! Keep it up, the potential of the game is huge. Very good concept which a lustful storytelling is backed up with well choiced photos and short clips.

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If you are into corruption and NTR, you most definately would love this.