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Not all secretaries dress well, alright?

passion lady Valerie

Online: Yesterday


I made the call and a van is coming to take the unlucky slut away.

Age: 25
My gender: Lady
Languages: English, Arabic
My body type: My body type is skinny

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I made the call and a van is coming to take the unlucky slut away.

Bound, gagged, plugged and bagged. She is in for a big surprise when she wakes up. The pretty tease had the misfortune to attract my attention with her fishnet bodysuit and painted on vinyl hotpants.

You are going to get all that attention you crave so much. She woke up slowly, drifting back into sleep several times as her drug fogged mind slowly cleared, She became aware that something was wrong. She couldnt move.

These realizations were coming faster. She fell into a panicthrashing and struggling on the mattress but she could barely move at all.

Her Cries for help were muffled by the large phallic gag in her mouth. What had happened to her?

Where was she? Who had done this to her and what were they planning on doing to her. Her futile struggles left her sobbing and exhausted.

She was stuck, imobile, helpless. All she could do is await her fate. He bound you like this in his basement hours ago. Finally you can hear somebody coming down the stairs.

Iron willed slave

Not just one person. Oh how cute!

Pretty dress and heels, and even a bow in her hair! Or perhaps she is just being opened up? One of my hotel room tinder dates gone wrong.

I refused to suck his cock after he fucked my ass. He trussed me up like this, faced fucked me anyways and left me for the next morning cleaning staff.

Lily sissy slut :. Well, I at least want this outfit. What do I have to do to get it? Sometimes I wear pink.

Tight and shiny so I look like candy waiting to be licked and devoured. Some prisons are better or worse than others…. Recently Liked.