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Family guy donna, I'm family guy donna men who like reading

Cleveland returns to Quahog, but is forbidden from spending time with Peter when their wives get into an argument over parenting. Stewie Griffin : Hey, Lois, look, I'm smoking! You can't control dick!

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Lois Griffin : Donna, what gives you the right to spank my child?

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Lois Griffin : Donna, what gives you the right to spank my child?

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Donna Tubbs : It always smells like the same meal over here. Donna Tubbs : I hit him for a reason. He broke my vase.

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And maybe I wouldn't have to discipline your child if you did it yourself! Lois Griffin : Oh, please! The only thing kids learn from spanking is adults don't have the patience to teach them.

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Donna Tubbs : Bull honky. Lois Griffin : [to Donna] I don't spank and my children are very well-behaved. Donna Tubbs : Oh, yeah?

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Your baby's on the roof right now. Lois Griffin : [sees Stewie standing on the roof] Stewie!

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You get down from there this instant! Stewie Griffin : Munch me, bitch! Lois Griffin : Right now, Stewie or you're in time-out!

He's bla-ack!

Stewie Griffin : How many gray pubes you pluck today, you old bag? Donna Tubbs : [to Lois] Your time-outs are a joke.

You're a terrible parent. Lois Griffin : I'm a terrible parent?

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You're abuser! You know what?

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From now on, I don't want our families having anything to do with each other! Peter Griffin : Well, Cleveland, looks like these two little alley cats have scrapped it out.

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I'll see you tomorrow. Lois Griffin : That includes you, Peter. I don't want you ever talking to Cleveland again. In. Showing all 3 items.

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