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I scanned the faces on the crowded train, many looked hot and flustered. A hard day in a sweaty office followed by a busy crowded commute home.

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Shelly, 23, was my girlfriend from the beginning of my college. We were very close and used to enjoy a lot of things together. There used to be a time when we used think of marrying each other but there used to be something between us to finally take any decision on it.

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When he arrived home, as stunned as John was to see how seductive his gorgeous brunette wife, Tara, looked in her emerald silk lingerie, he was utterly shocked to see his seductive blonde administrative assistant, Kristen, from the office appear from the shadows of his bedroom, wearing the exact same thing none the less. He swallowed hard, barely able to breathe, feeling as if his feet had suddenly become embedded in concrete. To his surprise though, after pleasuring her for hours with his mouth, his tongue, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm….

Kristen simply stopped and pulled away.

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Amazingly enough even after that encounter, knowing how it would ultimately end for him, John was still unable to resist Kristen. He was hers whenever she wanted….

Tip 1: make him long for it

And, he knew sooner or later it would catch up with him. But still, Kristen was too seductive… too irresistible… and though she could deny him everything, he could deny her nothing. Now, standing in his bedroom, gazing at both his wife and his paramour, John braced himself, steadying himself for the impending wrath that he most assuredly deserved.

And it was in those sensual moments after their trysts, when the two women lingered beneath silk sheets and shared naughty thoughts, that the notion of luring John in to their web was borne.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Up until tonight their game had been simple, Kristen seducing him… teasing him… using him for her own pleasure in the office…. Tonight though, the two women were ready to go to the next level…. He felt as if he were floating as they led him to the bed… his head spinning from the scent of their perfume…. Once he was bound, the women kneeling on either side of him Tara smiled at her female lover, leaning over her bound husband as the women shared a soft, sensual kiss. Kristen smiled down at John, letting her hand drift across his chest, amused by the expression on his face.

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Though the two women loved the soft, sensual feminine adventures that they shared something was still missing for both of them - hard, quivering male flesh that they could share as they pleased. And now, John was that missing piece to their erotic puzzle. For hours the two women lost themselves in one another….

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Meanwhile, John was simply caught in their crossfire… their soft bodies crawling, writhing, grinding atop him…. Now the soft, sultry voices began to alternate in his ears. Tara giggled and kissed his cheek. The women smiled softly at one another, their hands continuing. Reasoning and Decision making are severely and advantageously impaired; making his receptive psyche that much more vulnerable to your feminine Re-Programming…. She really did appreciate the way her husband always did his best to endure the pleasures she offered him.

I really, really want to … take my time.

She found those quiet little sounds that escaped him and those anguished grimaces on his face when he tried so hard to hold back to maximize her pleasure to be adorable, cute and sexy. Still, there were times when the devil whispering in her ear provoked her in to reminding him that his ability to withstand the pleasures of her sweet, soft pussy were solely dependent upon her desire for him to do so.

In other words, sometimes the mood struck her to give him a little reminder that if she wanted to make him cum that there was no amount of focus… no amount of willpower… no amount of reciting baseball statistics in his head that would allow him to withstand the irresistible pleasures her pussy could inflict upon him.

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She approached him with hips swaying, then reached beneath her dress to peel down her warm, moist panties. After allowing them to dangle teasingly from her fingertips for a moment she tossed them aside then knelt between his legs, wasting little time freeing his cock. Within moments her soft hands and teasing tongue had coaxed him in to just the condition she wanted.

Erotic stories for women

Moving up to him, she straddled his lap and in one slow, graceful motion took him deep inside, her pussy claiming his cock as its captive prisoner. The moment her body went in to action her husband gasped softly, his muscles tensing and a look of concern washing over his face. She smirked inwardly, well aware of what was causing his plight. Rather than allowing him a moment to become acclimated to the velvety soft tightness of her pussy she was instead immediately unleashing the power of her female sexuality upon him. Her hips were erotic tales tumblr moving up and down… erotically undulating forward and back… sinuously moving in that way that allowed her pussy to mercilessly pleasure his cock.

And at the same time her exquisitely honed muscles were already squeezing and releasing… clenching and rippling… the hot, soft wetness of her pussy like a vise of silk clamping around him, intent on milking him of his male essence.

All the stories

Never breaking her erotic movements she took his face between her hands. With her hips rolling seductively and the muscles of her pussy relentlessly working over his cock he had no prayer. She emitted a soft purr of triumph when his head fell forward in defeat, the perfumed softness of her cleavage only adding to her sensual entrapment of this now helplessly aroused man. She could feel his sense of embarrassment and helplessness at his inability to resist her, making her drip with arousal and the rush of sexual power that she could wield over this man.

And as his body surrendered to hers, she cooed softly in his ear, urging him on. Moments later with his spent body still trembling beneath hers he tried to apologize. I tried to hold back but…. Quickly though she interrupted him, smiling as her fingers stroked through his hair.

Tip 2: add finger-play to support your mouth

Sweetheart, I love the way you always try to hold back for me, really I do. She smiled at his gasp when she allowed the muscles of her pussy to once again clutching and tugging at his cock that was still imprisoned within her. Lay back baby. I want you to relax and enjoy the pleasures I am about to share with you.

I love how your nipples react to my breath on them, how they harden and grow erect when my tongue flicks over them, the sound you make when I take one in my teeth and gently nip. You need to feel my soft lips around your aching cock?

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My tongue lapping hungrily over your glans. My pussy is aching for your tongue, I think I deserve that. Let me climb onto your face and feel you lick my wetness, taste me, be my man and love it as I fuck your face.

What people think being bisexual is like vs. what it’s really like.

That feels so good! Stroke, squeeze, tease … I want to take in the sight, sound, and smell of him as he becomes steadily more aroused. I want to praise, encourage, and coax. Kiss the tender tip of his cock when it seeps precum.

Lick the tip of his cock slowly, teasingly in circles until his legs buck underneath me. Palm his balls tenderly, and wet them with my tongue.

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I want to make it last, because I crave it. I want to savor each sensation. And when his sweet whines and moans turn to sincere entreaty.

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Then, maybe I might fulfill his wish. Or maybe, I might take him out to lunch, still half-hard and needy.

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I love writing about sex! I enjoy putting sentences together that I know will have a man throbbing. Of course the finish, in most cases, is all about me! I cum, he gets the merest hint of a promise that he gets to empty his aching sac as I tip over into a back arching, groaning, hip thrusting, soaking wet orgasm.

The smell of sex will fill his nose.

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My man can only see my lovers big balls bouncing up against my clitoris, as my stud completely fills me with his ample manhood. He can see the lips of my stretched impaled pussy opened wide, for my well endowed stud, opened wider than they ever have for his average cock. I knew this would happen.

I want him to involuntarily taste the flavor of my boyfriends yummy dick.

I want to push his boundaries and make him crave the flavor. The throbbing passion deep within me and the stimulation to my hyper sensitive clitoris take me past the point of no return. As I climax, loose control and totally flood my studmuffins cock and balls with my feminine juices, my husband stares in utter disbelief… He has never seen me Orgasm like this - On Another Mans Erection.