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Cursed Armor is an erotic game series created by Wolfzq. Its main themes include bondage, erotic combat encounters and many others. In this game, you play as an innocent girl chasing her dreams, who is chosen by a demon of lust. She is forced to wear a cursed crown the first form of Cursed Armorand goes on an adventure to remove the curse. We invite the player to experience her journey and find out if she sinks into corruption or realizes her dream!

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Note : this game is in development, so this walkthrough is also incomplete. For each update, we will enhance it. Note that we will also not count Chinese content until they are translated because we don't really understand this language. You also have to know that this game is the sequel of Cursed Armor I. If you don't want to be spoiled, please finish Cursed Armor I before playing this.

What is canon? Before you can start, you have to choose difficulty level : easy, normal or hard. What change between levels? Everything is said in the game description. Note that "maze difficult" is unclear right now. The only element we have is the of floors you have to cross in Ganon Castle the harder is the difficult level, the more floors you have to cross. It's up to you to cursed armor 1.5. Right now until the full game releaseyou have to know that we use the "normal" difficulty level for this walkthrough. You start the game in the prison of the Imperial Place. Lilina is drugged and raped by guards.

Sofia, the eldest princess of the Empire, will save her. But she will be trapped by a guard. She will go in another dimension with Lilina to lend her her powers, body and identity.

Porn game: cursed armor version by wolfzq

You will have to face your first enemy and discover the game mechanism. You also will notice that your spells too weak against your enemy so let him beat you. Then, Lilina will transform.

Now you can beat him. Do it. Once you changed your haircut and talked to Ferdinandyou will learn that you have to do a Royal Course each day.

You will be automatically send to your daily course each morning where you start in the castle. To more information, see this section.

Cursed armor ii v

After this, talk to Jessican to go back to the castle and explore it as you wish before you go to the 1st floor, talk to Ferdinand then read a book shiny spot. Then go back to your bedroom. You can talk to Jessicayour maid, for some options when you are to your bedroom. Spend the night by sleeping in your bed.

The next day, go back to Ferdinand and read the new book. Then, talk to Ferdinand and go back to your bedroom. During night, check the lamp on your desk. It supposed tell you where is the monster you must kill since regions are not already translated, you will have to explore by yourself and check a man with blue hair to kill him.

You have one monster per night. Then, use the « transforming control » to switch to Witch form you can use the F shortcut then go out by your balconry. Right now, explore all houses from the east and northeast district.

The east discrict, you can sneak in weapon and armor shops, for the northeast, you can explore six houses. Inside, you can have sex with men not the old one or the couple actually and steal purple items some gold, potions, a plate, a maid underwear, some poisons, HP potion and MP potions.

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Note that stealing items will raise your infamy. In the demo, it means nothing but maybe for a next update Anyway, you have no "legal" method to earn money right now. The more important are potions. Each night, item will respawn in the same place. If you steal peoples and kill the monster each night, you will gain gold, a plate, a maid underwear, 3 poisons, 2 HP potions, 1 mp potion and a crystalization of soul small per night.

Remember that Infamy will probably affect your playtrough later! Anyway, once you steal and rape people, search for the blue hair guy and kill him to get one Crystalization of Soul small who can give you SP in case of need, then go back to your cursed armor 1.5 and sleep. Note that if the man beat you, you will be raped and loose your virginity we dont know if virginity is important but one you are not virgin anymore, you can have vaginal sex and gain more SP and level.

What you have done is a regular period we will call « night routine », remember this term. Each time we tell you to do your « night routine », it mean you have to kill a monster and sneak in house to gain SP. Next day, go back to Ferdinand and read the 2 new and last books. A soldier will come talk to Ferdinand. Talk to him after this then go back to your bedroom.

A scene will trigger. Now, you have to produce wine with Poseidon Crystal to pay a debt of 1 g to save Jeane. For this, you have to go to the Pink Lady Club each night after you gather as most of SP than you can kill the blue guy before in case of you cant beat him with 0 spthen go talk to each client of the 1st and 2nd floor. Then, talk to Emcee to finish your job. You will loose all your SP for this mission but dont worry : Lilina masturbate each night she finish with less than 10 SP.

After this, go to sleep and spend your day talk to Ferdinand, go to your bedroomdo your night routine and dont forget to finish by the Pink Lady club.

After this night, Lilina want to save Jeane by another way. Go to sleep. Next day, talk to Ferdinand. He will give you the key of his mansion. You can ask him to save Jeane. We recommand you to take this option because, if you dont, you will have to work until you pay all the debt, which can be a REALLY long period If you talked to Ferdinand and asked him to pay Jeane's debt : Go to your bedroom, do your night routine but dont go to the pink lady club : go to Ferdinand Mansion north east zone, in the northeast big house.

Ferdinand is inside and Jeane too. She will become Sofia's new maid. Go to the bedroom. If you didn't : spend your time to pay Jeanes debt or break her free, then you will go in Ferdinand house, a similar scene will trigger and then Jeane will become your maid, go to your bedroom.

Next day, talk to Ferdinand, then go to bedroom, do your night routine note : if you kidnaped Jeane, you can keep go to the pink lady club to do your job Next day, Jeane is your new maid for good. You finish automatically to your bedroom. Do your night routine, sleep. He will talk with you about troubles in Torres. He also give you a magic wig you will give to Jeane in order to let her be your double when you go out.

You will also learn that Owen is near. Go to your bedroom. During night, start by the night routine, then go to the northeast zone, check the house with cursed armor 1.5 circle and activate him.

After the scene, go to sleeep. Next day, talk to Ferdinand,then go to your bedroom. Do your last night routine before a while, then talk to Owen in his house. After some scenes, you have to choose between talk to Yuuka or search the artifact by yourself. This monster is more powerfull than the others. A good method is to use your D spell to stun him then use your Q spell to damage him. It will be long and dangerous but if you win, you gain a Small AND a Medium Crystalization of soul, but you will be traped by other monsters and loose your virginity.

After a long scene, you will awak out of torres with the scepter of death and Yuuka injured. In the house, take the yellow item its ok, you wont raise your infamy to gain a MP potion.

You can also pick the purple one this is stealing item!