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The Flash Drive Loader is a tool for loading files onto multiple flash drives. Simply select a folder and check off the drive letters and the software does the rest. Load hundreds of flash drives in minutes with a cheap USB hub and this free.

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Log in. New posts. Thread starter baka Start date Jul 11, Prev 1 … Go to .

What is is it safe or a virus? how to remove or fix it

First Prev 12 of 15 Go to. KrewellaHardy Newbie. Jul 31, 16 And now I get this error: Also, from what I have understood so far in windows 8 and above i.

So the activeX component is missing and we can not install it manually I also tried downloading and placing a flash. I had changed the compatibility settings of baka.

BTW how do you install baka. Last edited: Jan 17, Reactions: SaranJack and hiisi.

Tips with two easy steps to remove file.

Oct 13, 2, 4, You must be registered to see the links. Reactions: hiisi. I use the uninstall the right one.

Reactions: erfmcscurf and KrewellaHardy Oct 29, 2 0. I redirect this mega. Reactions: Starlion and KrewellaHardy It finally works though now it means I have unnecessarily downloaded a 5. What is different now??? See, I just downloaded the file and just installed it Don't know anything about how this worked Jun 2, 5 1. Hello I am new, how can I install the mod for adobe flash, supposedly I installed it but it still does not open through the baka loader, I think I installed it wrong, does anyone know how to correctly install the last baka file???

[patched] baka loader

Aug 22, 15 This fixed everything for me. Reactions: sourfries35PahlevyRed Sense Games and 1 other person.

Mar 24, 6 0. I am not quite sure what I am doing wrong here, I followed your instructions baka, but when I attempt to install your file making sure to do in in compatibility for win 7 as you instructed it says that "your microsoft internet explorer browser includes the latest version of Adobe player built-in" whats confusing is that according to windows I do not have IE, i do have Edge, but nothing there suggests it has a built in flash player.

I kinda stumped here, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. By "popup" are you referring to "your microsoft internet explorer browser includes the latest version of Adobe player built-in" I get when I attempt to install the flash from your zippy file?

If so then I am even more confused as I made double sure that the box is ticked and set for win7 for compatibility mode, still get that error in regards to IE already having flash, despite me not having IE, unless it's referring to Edge, but again nothing flash related is in edge as far as I can tell. Apr 9, 60 I can run flash games on my laptop. When I try to use bakaloader.

What is causing this issue? Clicking and dropping swf files into the window does not work either, that just does nothing. Update: Ok, apparently it works with minimal but occasional issues. Pretty annoying though. Last edited: Feb 3, OppaiSen3ei New Member.

Feb 27, 2 1. Jan 18, 21 Finally baka is worked. Date: Feb 6, What you should do. Spoiler: FlashPatcher You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Reactions: seeke and ehrez. Red Sense Games said:.

Dangit thought for sure this would do it, but i get the error message that "This Adobe Flash Player ActiveX installer is only intended for Windows 7 and prior. I made doubly sure that my internet was physically disconnected, pc said as such and browsers showed that I had no internet, and wifi was not jumping in any way, and I made certain that I rand the player setup in Windows 7 compatibility mode, still getting the same result.

Is there something I am missing perchance? Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

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